Av-DEC HI-TAK Tape is a double-sided “PRS” polyurethane rolled sealant with a fiberglass carrier.  Used in the installation, repair, and maintenance of aircraft structures and designed to protect surfaces from corrosion.

PRS protects sensitive equipment, surfaces, and assemblies from the effects of corrosion, meanwhile maintaining its integrity in extreme aviation environments. Thus, PRS is excellent for installing, repairing, and maintaining surfaces or components in both civil and military aircraft. For example, HI-TAK PRS can be used to install fasteners or to seal aircraft floor structures. In addition, RPS is commonly used for floor beams, stringers, antennas, door sills, access panels and windscreen installations.

HI-TAK PRS uses include these benefits:
  • A simple application process allowing for an “apply-and-fly” approach that drastically reduces downtime.
  • A non-hazardous pre-cured sealant that does not leave a residue behind during application and removal.  As a result, the surface remains clean and not affecting paint adhesion.
  • A double-sided sealant with tacky surfaces on both sides.
  • A pre-cured sealant that creates a complete seal against moisture and corrosion.
  • No need for any special installation equipment or tooling, rolls right on
  • Reduces corrosion on the aircraft structure, cutting down on costly and labor-intensive corrosion-related repairs
  • For use under compression between two surfaces where electrical bonding is not required
  • Replace moisture-retaining products under floorboards
  • Moisture-proof between irregular surfaces with HI-TAK PRS™.
  • Available in two formulas: original formula or flame-retardant formula
  • FR formulation passes 12-second Vertical Burn Test per 14 CFR, PART 25-Subpart D, § 25.853 Compartment interiors & § 25.855 Cargo or baggage compartments Appendix F, Part I, (a)(1)(ii) (12 sec vertical test)


You can view one of the Av-DEC official HI-TAK PRS installation videos here:

Safety Precautions: Comply with all local safety, disposal and transportation regulations. Before use, check the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) and label. SDS’s are available on request.

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