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Developed for use in the aerospace industry, Citra-Safe® is a low-volatility substitute for Methyl Ethyl Ketone (MEK), Trichloroethylene, Toluene, and blends of MEK and Toluene. CITRA-SAFE® is made especially for surface preparation, general solvent cleaning, and cleaning prior to sealing. It is literally a biodegradable solvent replacement for mineral spirits, thinners, and chlorinated solvents. The use of CITRA-SAFE® reduces the risk of hazardous chemical spills, eliminates most hazardous waste disposal costs, and eliminates the health hazards associated with traditional solvents.


Label Value
Boeing BAC 5504
Boeing BAC 5000
Boeing BAC 5750
McDonnell Douglas DPM 6380
Airbus SIL Number 20-006
USAF T.O. 1C-135-2-5-2
USAF T.O. 1-1-8
US ARMY TB 43-0135
Bombardier 180-9
Rocketdyne Division Rockwell International RB0210-028
North Atalntic Treaty Organization NATO 6850-66-137-6036
Westinghouse N53316LM
Bell Helicopter Part Number 5130-64988


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