Cor-Ban 35 Corrosion Inhibiting Compound

Cor-Ban 35 is a long lasting, high solids and low VOC CIC with high penetration capability and water displacing properties. Applied in a 1.5 to 2 mil wet film thickness it dries in less than one hour to a non-tacky, salmon pink color. Cor-Ban 35 incorporates the best features of BMS 3-23 and BMS 3-29 approved products.


Cor-Ban®35 is on the Boeing QPL for BMS 3-35B, the Airbus CML for AIMS 09-08-003, the Bombardier BAMS 565-06 Type I and Type II, the Embraer 51-61-00 Ty I & Ty II and MEP 10-063, the FedEx A30-51-001, de Havilland DHMS C 4.12, the Boeing DMS 2150, Sikorsky SS8536, Dassault DGQT, Viking VMS C4.12, Sukhoi RRJ0000·RE-811-2559, BAE AVP 2-022, Gulfstream GAC115AD, the Cessna CSNP038 Ty IVA/Class 2, ATR 51-35-00, and the Mil-DTL-85054D
Cor-Ban® 35 conforms to the requirements of the following specifications:AIMS 09-08-002 Ty II Gr 2, BMS 3-23F TyII, BMS 3-29


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