Mobil Jet Oil 254

Mobil Jet Oil 254 is formulated to meet the demanding requirements aircraft-type gas turbines operating over a wide range of severe operating conditions. When compared to a typical Type II lubricant, Mobil Jet Oil 254 reduces bulk oil oxidation by up to 50 percent and shows deposit control capability 50° F higher.

This third-generation, extra high performance, synthetic aircraft-type gas turbine lubricant is engineered for use in commercial and military aircraft. Formulated from a specially prepared, hindered-ester base stock and fortified with a unique chemical additive package. Resulting is a product having superior thermal and oxidation stability that resists deterioration and deposit formation while maintaining the physical characteristics required by builder and military specifications. The physical properties are similar to those currently available, earlier-generation gas turbine lubricants. The effective operating range of the lubricant is between -40°C (-40 °F) and 232°C (450°F).

Applications: Recommended for aircraft gas turbine engines of the turbo-jet, turbo-fan, turbo-prop, and turbo-shaft (helicopter) types used in commercial and military service. Suitable for aircraft-type gas turbine engines used in industrial or marine applications.
Approved against the High Thermal Stability (HTS) classification of U.S. Military Specification MIL-PRF-23699. Compatible with other synthetic gas turbine lubricants meeting MIL-PRF-23699. Do not mix with other products because the blend would result in loss of performance characteristics.  Completely compatible with all metals used in gas turbine construction, as well as with F Rubber (Viton A), H Rubber (Buna N), and other commonly used seal materials.

Safety Precautions: Comply with all local safety, disposal and transportation regulations. Check the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) and label of the individual products carefully before using the products. SDS’s are available on request.

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Label Value
U.S. Military Specification MIL-PRF-23699F


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