03-X-085 Clear Polyurethane Topcoat

03-X-085 Clear Gloss Polyurethane Topcoat is a chemically cured, polyurethane topcoat intended for exterior application on aircraft and aerospace equipment. When used over properly applied commercial or military primers, it provides excellent protection against weathering, humidity and salt spray.

  • Good gloss level and color retention
  • Resistant to hydraulic fluids, lubricating oils, JP-5 fuel and water
  • Compatible with many types of spray equipment
  • Service temperature -54°C to 177°C (-65°F to 350°F)

Mix ratio (by volume) 03 Series (base component) 1 parts: 03CAT (activator component) 1 part

Product Compatibility: 03-X-085 Clear Gloss Polyurethane Topcoat is compatible with the following primers:
DMS 1786, MIL-PRF-85582, MIL-P-53022, MMS-423, MIL-PRF-23377 + TT-P-2760

Surface Preparation and Pretreatments: 03-W-160 White  Polyurethane Topcoat can be applied over clean, dry, and intact Desoprime™ epoxy and Koroflex® primers. 03 Series polyurethane military topcoats may be applied over the primer with no abrasion if the primer was applied between 4 and 48 hours before top coating. If it is longer, then abrade the primer surface and clean the surface with Desoclean™ 110 mild solvent cleaner. For further information, refer to the technical data sheet for the above mentioned primers.
Instructions for Use: Thoroughly stir or mechanically shake the base component (Part A) for at least 10 minutes before combining to ensure all solids are completely dispersed. Add one volume of catalyst component (Part B) to one volume of base component (Part A). Do not use the catalyst component (Part B) from another color. Mix by hand stirring, paint shaker or mechanical mixing to ensure the base/catalyst mixture is homogeneous. Do not shake or mechanically mix the admixed material for longer than 10 minutes.
Thinners are not required for the mixed material. Available thinners for polyurethanes are MIL-T-81772B Type I* (IS-213), VOC Exempt Reducer (IS-256) and Low HAPS thinner (IS-260). Do not add thinners to attempt to compensate for coatings beyond its useful pot life
Note: It is important to condition the paint for 24 hours prior to mixing by placing all materials in the shop or hangar, with ambient temperatures between 13° and 35°C (55° to 95°F). The minimum temperature of the paint components should be 13°C (55°F) prior to mixing.

Safety Precautions: Comply with all local safety, disposal and transportation regulations. Check the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) and label of the individual products carefully before using the products. SDS’s are available on request.

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Label Value
Qualified to: 760-04182
MIL-PRF-85285 Type I
Note: PPG Aerospace recommends you check the most recent specification QPLs for updated information.
*Ensure all required specifications are listed when requesting a quote or placing an order, as not all specifications are tested at the time of production.


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