44GN011 Water Reducible Epoxy Primer

44GN011 is a water reducible, chemically cured, two-component epoxy polyamide primer. 44GN011 is formulated to protect the structural interior of aircraft from corrosion.

  • Corrosion inhibiting
  • Compatible with epoxy and urethane interior topcoats
  • Excellent adhesion to aluminum and composite surfaces
  • Chemical and solvent resistant
  • Resistant to immersion in hydraulic fluids, lubricating oils, phosphate ester based hydraulic fluids and distilled water


44GN011 Water Reducible Epoxy Primer is compatible with the following topcoat specifications:

  • BMS 10-11 Type II
  • BMS 10-60 Type I & II


Label Value
Vought Aircraft 207-9-474
Boeing BMS 10-11 Type I Class A Grade E
Honeywell EMS 93283 Comp W
Gulfstream GMS 5005 Type I
Grumman GP11GY
Boeing Helicopter HMS D1-002 Type I
HJMS-7102 Class 1 Grade A
Honeywell MCS0200
Northrop MS-424 Type II
United Technologies Aerospace Systems – Aerostructures, Goodrich Aerostructures RMS 118 Type I Class L & M
Martin Marietta STMG-L753 Class C


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