44GN049 Water Reducible Epoxy Primer

44GN049 is a chromated, water reducible, chemically cured, low IR, two-component epoxy polyamide primer.

  • Corrosion inhibiting
  • Chemical and Solvent Resistant
  • Resistant to immersion in Hydraulic Fluids, Lubricating Oils, Phosphate Ester Based Hydraulic Fluids and Distilled water

Mix ratio (by volume):

Mix Ratio 2 parts 44GN049 base by volume to
1 part 44GN049CAT catalyst by volume to
4.5 parts water by volume (150% ± 10% reduction)

Reducer Distilled or deionized water (≈150% reduction)

Mixing Instructions: 

Stir or shake the base component to ensure any pigment, which may have settled on the bottom of the can, has been fully incorporated into the base. Do not stir or shake the base component longer than 5 minutes. Slowly add the one volume of catalyst to two volumes base component. Mix by hand stirring, paint shaker or mechanical mixing to ensure the base/catalyst mixture is homogeneous. DO NOT SHAKE OR MECHANICALLY MIX MATERIAL FOR LONGER THAN 5 MINUTES. To the catalyzed primer, add approx. 41/2 parts by volume (150%) of distilled or deionized water. Slowly add the water in one-third increments, mixing thoroughly after each addition, until fully incorporated and homogeneous. Be sure to scrape the sides and bottom of the container. Constant agitation of the material during spray application is recommended. The water is used to adjust the viscosity. Volumes of water needed may vary between 125 – 175%.

Pot Life: 4 hours at 73° ± 5°F
Induction Time: none required
Application Thickness: 0.6 – 0.9 mils dry film thickness
Storage Stability: 1 year when stored between 35 – 115°F
(Per MIL-PRF-85582)
Recommended Storage:  Store indoors between 70 – 90°F in original unopened containers.

Safety Precautions: Comply with all local safety, disposal and transportation regulations. Check the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) and label of the individual products carefully before using the products. SDS’s are available on request. 

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Label Value
Specifications MIL-PRF-85582E TYPE II CLASS C2