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7500 A/B Epoxy Adhesive

Magnolia 7500 A/B epoxy adhesive is a two part, low viscosity epoxy resin adhesive. It has good peel strength, high temperature properties, and a long pot-life and magnolia 7500 A/B epoxy adhesive sets up at room temperature. Furthermore, it must be cured at 200F for one to two hours.

Magnobond/magnolia 7500 A/B is often used with dry glass or carbon fiber as a wet lay-up resin for composite structure reinforcement and construction. Other adhesive applications include:

Wet lay-up and Composite-to-Composite bonding
Metal and/or Composite repair
Structural adhesive bonding in areas that require flexibility and good vibration resistance
Can be used for resin transfer molding (RTM) applications


Excellent tensile lap shear and peel at wide range of temperatures
Good physical properties in excess of 250° F
Excellent chemical, moisture and environmental resistance
100% solids (does not contain any solvents)
Long pot-life (3 ½ to 4 hours)
can be meter mixed and dispensed (with agitation of the Part B)
Magnobond 7500 A/B Part A is an off white in color paste. Part B is an amber liquid.

Safety Precautions: Comply with all local safety, disposal and transportation regulations and please check the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) and label of the individual products carefully before using the products. SDS’s are available on request.

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