3950 Edge Sealer

3950 edge sealer is a clear acrylic/vinyl sealant solution that can be applied around all exposed edges of film to help prevent the film from lifting due to environmental exposure and cleaning. 3950 edge sealer is made to resist mild acids, mild alkalis, and salts but LD-4 hydraulic fluid will dissolve it within an hour….

Magnolia Advanced Materials

7500 A/B Epoxy Adhesive

Magnolia 7500 A/B epoxy adhesive is a two part, low viscosity epoxy resin adhesive. It has good peel strength, high temperature properties, and a long pot-life and magnolia 7500 A/B epoxy adhesive sets up at room temperature. Furthermore, it must be cured at 200F for one to two hours. Magnobond/magnolia 7500 A/B is often used…


EA9396 Aero Adhesive

EA9396 aero adhesive is a low viscosity, room temperature curing adhesive with exceptional strength properties at temperatures from -67°F to 350°F(-55°C to 177°C). EA9396 aero adhesive has a shelf life of one year when stored @ 77°F/25°C for separate components. This adhesive is also qualified to MMM-A-132, REV A, Type 1, Class 3. Safety Precautions:…