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MIL-PRF-23377K Randolph primer

MIL-PRF-23377K Randolph primer is a two component high solids yellow epoxy primer with a maximum VOC of 2.8 lbs/gallon.

This two component VOC compliant, yellow epoxy polyamide primer meets MIL-PRF-23377 K , Type 1, Class C2 composition and performance specification.  MIL-PRF-23377K Randolph primer is for MIL-PRF-22750 and MIL-PRF-85285 topcoats.


  • QPL/QPD product
  • High solids
  • 2.8 lbs/gal max VOC
  • 2 component primer
  • Excellent hold out for high gloss topcoats
  • Contains strontium chromate
  • 1.5 gallon kit
Color: Yellow
Volume Solids: 58%
Solids by Weight: 71%
Viscosity: < 40 seconds #4 Ford Cup
DFT: 0.6 – 0.9 mils
Theoretical Coverage @ 1 mil dft: 933 ft2/gallon
Gloss @ 60º Flat
Dry Time: Tack Free: 5 hours max.    Dry Hard: 8 hours max.   Complete Cure: 7 days
Pot Life: 4 hours minimum
Mix Ratio: 2:1 by volume (2 parts Component A : 1 part Component B)
Shelf Life: One year from date of manufacture
Steel: Surface must be clean and free of grease, dirt, oil, rust and other contaminants that could interfere with proper adhesion.
Aluminum: Surface must be clean and free of grease, dirt, oil, rust and other contaminants that could interfere with proper adhesion.
Galvanized and other metals: Clean and remove surface contamination including oxidation

Reduction: Reduce with MIL-T-81772 Type 2. When thinning, do not exceed the VOC limit.

Safety Precautions: Comply with all local safety, disposal and transportation regulations. Check the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) and label of the individual products carefully before using the products. The MSDS’s are available on request. 

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Label Value
Specifications: Meets MIL-PRF-23377 K , Type 1, Class C2
*Ensure all required specifications are listed when requesting a quote or placing an order, as not all specifications are tested at the time of production.


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