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03174YVP-1/03175SSC Wash Primer

03174YVP-1/03175SSC Wash Primer is a two-component material used as a pretreatment on clean metal surfaces to promote adhesion and enhance the corrosion resistance of the coating system.

Hentzen 03174YVP-1/03175SSC Wash Primer pretreatment coating is intended for use on clean metal surfaces of all types as a treatment prior to the application of the primer system.  The purpose of the material is to increase the adhesion of the primer system.  It is not intended as a permanent protective primer in itself although some protection is afforded for short periods of time.  However, to ensure best results, the pretreatment should be coated with primer as soon as practicable.

The material is sufficiently dry for recoating within 15 to 30 minutes after application.  The pretreatment may be applied on damp surfaces (preferably by brushing) but should not be applied to wet surfaces or in rainy weather.  The dry film thickness should be from 0.3 to 0.5 mils.


Component A should be thoroughly agitated prior to blending.  After agitating Component A, mix 1 volume of Component A to 1 volume of Component B slowly with stirring, continuing until a complete blending of the mixture is assured.  The pretreatment is then ready for use.  If the resin component is thickened or gelled, do not add the acid component until fluidity has been restored.  This can be achieved by placing in warm water.

The pretreatment is most effective when freshly  mixed  and must be  used within 8 hours after the addition of the acid component.  The quantity of pretreatment mixed for use shall be the amount required for immediate application.  The acid component is not thinner.  It is a necessary activator and must be used exactly as directed.  While under agitation, this material can be applied with conventional air atomization spray equipment.  No reduction is necessary.  If further reduction is desired, use 00368SSC (Anhydrous Alcohol) or 03886SSB (Isopropyl Alcohol).  It is important that you mix only what you will use in 8 hours.  After that time, the product will lose its adhesion properties.


  • Do not apply at temperatures below 50°
  • Recoat with the next coating as soon as possible after 30 minute dry time.
  • Read Safety Data Sheet and all container labels.
  • Comply with all local safety, disposal and transportation regulations.

CLEAN-UP: Clean equipment immediately after use with 03886SSB or equivalent.

HANDLING & STORAGE: Store in a cool, dry area away from direct sunlight and heat.  Freezing is not harmful if reheated gently to room temperature prior to use.

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Label Value
APPROVALS:  MIL-C-8514C, Amend 1
HMS 15-1098 Rev A, Boeing


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